EU Aid Volunteers is enabling more than 4,000 European citizens to become volunteers so that they can contribute to and support − through their time, work and skills – the humanitarian missions already active in the countries with the greatest need. It is training over 4,400 professionals belonging to the local organizations that will welcome and coordinate the volunteers.

Organizations aiming to deploy volunteers must comply with the initiative’s standards on volunteer management and go through a certification process before submitting a proposal for volunteer deployment. Organizations can apply for certification at any time.

Investing in capacity building of humanitarian organizations, local communities and first responders in disaster-affected countries is essential for creating a more effective, principled humanitarian response, which is why it is also supported under the EU Aid Volunteers initiative.

Sending organizations are entrusted with all the aspects of identification, selection, preparation, deployment and management of EU Aid Volunteers. They shall ensure that the hosting organization is consistently involved throughout the entire project life-cycle.

Hosting organizations will receive the volunteers and are responsible for the induction phase, designating mentors and ensuring the provision of adequate accommodation and working conditions throughout.

Each organization wishing to take part in the EU Aid Volunteers programme is required to implement the high quality standards of volunteers management outlined in the EU Aid Volunteer legislation. This is a quality assurance indicator of the management of the initiative.

Sending organizations need to complete an evidence-based self-assessment form, showing that they comply with and commit to all the standards and procedures of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative, in areas such as duty of care rule, health and safety, equality rules, amongst others.

Hosting organizations need to complete a self-assessment form and submit it together with three references, in order to demonstrate their capacity to comply with and commit to the requirements of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative.

ActionAid Hellas is a certified sending organization within the EU Aid Volunteers program since November 2016.

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