Our past projects on the field

ActionAid Hellas has implemented the following projects under the "EU Aid Volunteers Initiative":

  • “Gender Sensitive Humanitarian Volunteering“ (March 2018 – February 2020): The 2-year "GESHAVO" capacity building project, led by ActionAid Denmark, aims at strengthening the organizational and technical competencies of the participating ActionAid organizations and their local partners, in order to enhance gender sensitive local preparedness and response to humanitarian crises. ActionAid Hellas is an implementing partner assigned to support the certification process and to share experiences around the initiative.
  • “Empowering local capacities for humanitarian volunteering in Latin America and the Caribbean” (February 2018 – January 2020): The 2-year "CB4Aid" project is a capacity building project, led by Alianza Spain, aiming at involving a wider group of local organisations from disaster prone and disaster affected areas in Latin America and the Caribbean into the EU AID Volunteer Initiative. ActionAid Hellas will work closely with local and international organisations based in Haiti in the sectors of volunteer management and the EUAVI certification process for hosting organisations.
  • “More to care: encouraging certification and strengthening EUAV management capacities of European sending organisations” (February 2018 – January 2020): Plus Care is a 2-year Technical Assistance EUAVI project, aiming to encourage certification of Europe-based sending organizations, while strengthening their capacities on various subjects, such as volunteer management, communication, project management and advocacy. AAH Hellas will act as a national focal point in Greece to encourage the participation of more organizations, by sharing knowledge and experience. AAH will undertake various dissemination events within and beyond the locality of Athens.
  • "EU Aid Volunteers Involvement for Increasing People-Centred Humanitarian Response Capacity” (December 2017 – Feburary 2020): The 2 year "Vol4HA" project, led by Alianza Spain aims to involve EU Aid Volunteers with the purpose of increasing people-centered humanitarian response capacity. It includes capacity building actions addressed to local vulnerable communities in the Global South on resilience, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), climate change adaptation and protection mechanisms. AAH is involved in selecting, training and deploying 11 volunteers to Senegal, Myanmar and Cambodia. Both EU Aid Volunteers and organizations involved commit to reinforce communication, advocacy and accountability, enhancing effective humanitarian action.
  • “EU Aid Volunteers for You” (January 2017 – December 2018): The 2-year "Ev4u" project, led by La Guilde, aims at providing technical assistance to EU organisations by increasing the implementation of best practices, both in the management of humanitarian aid volunteers in the framework of the EUAVI and in the implementation of volunteer programs. AAH is involved in sharing the expertise acquired in the certification process and in volunteer management as an already certified sending organization of the EUAV Initiative.
  •  "Active European citizens in response to humanitarian challenges: EU Aid Volunteers strengthening capacities and resilience of communities affected by humanitarian crises in third countries” (February 2017 – January 2018): The 2-year "Vol4Aid" deployment project, led by Alianza Spain aims at strengthening the capacity and resilience of vulnerable and disaster-affected communities in third countries by promoting and engaging European active citizens in Humanitarian Aid activities. The project aims to develop a system that increases opportunities for European citizens committed to volunteering and interested in humanitarian field, using innovative ways of action. AAH is involved in the deployment of 11 volunteers in Ecuador, Colombia, Senegal and Haiti.

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